Auctions & Appraisals

FH Machinery has been involved in major auctions in our industry. Past Auctions include Bekaert Canada, Esab and Star Fasteners. Whether you are looking to sell a few pieces of surplus equipment or an entire plant – we are there from start to finish for you.

Auctions & Appraisals Services from FH Machinery Auctions & Appraisals Services from FH Machinery Auctions & Appraisals Services from FH Machinery

Why Hire an AMEA Appraiser

Members of the AMEA are individual machinery and equipment appraisal professionals who have demonstrated their proficiency through testing and peer review. The AMEA accredits and certifies its appraisers through continuing education and written exams. Their experience and expertise range from three to fifty years, and they specialize in and are not limited to metalworking, plastics, construction, chemical, woodworking, textile, food processing, printing, rubber, steel mill and foundry machinery and equipment.

An AMEA Appraiser has years of buying and selling in the same marketplace as he or she is appraising. This knowledge provides a better perspective to general quality evaluation and affordable the extra insight to provide accurate numbers.

An AMEA Appraiser has undergone extensive testing and keeps up-to-date by regularly attending required continuing education programs. The AMEA appraisers learn from noted professional equipment specialists and financial experts not only what values can be expected but also what to look for in terms of conditions, accessories, tooling and other value characteristics. Members are required to acquire 70 hours of credit in a five-year period.

An AMEA Appraiser has an appraisal reviewed by a committee of peers every two years to be sure that their appraisals continue to meet the required standards and procedures, and has a network of specialists in every industrial environment for support in the field.

Market Experience

Market experience instills confidence. Not only is direct involvement in the marketplace essential in formulating accurate valuations, it is an AMEA requirement. AMEA members are involved on a daily basis in buying, selling, and appraising machinery and equipment.

Members holding the Accredited Equipment Appraiser (AEA) designation have a minimum of three years experience in buying and selling in the marketplace, while those with the Certified Equipment Appraiser (CEA) designation have at least five years experience.

AMEA members can assist you with the best method of valuation to fit your appraisal needs. You can trust an AMEA appraiser’s evaluation of your project requirements whether it is a single machine or a complex structure of multiple plant locations.