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Electroweld Model RBW-30 Hand Operated 30 KVA Butt Welder




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Wire Range 1/4" - 11/16" (6 - 17mm) High Carbon Steel
Wire Range 1/4" - 1/2" (6 - 13mm) Low Carbon Mild Steel
Transformer KVA 30
Electrics 415V 60 Cycle
Burr Grinder (Optional) $750.00
Warranty Machine sold with One Year Warranty (excluding Tooling)
Delivery 8 - 10 Weeks After Receipt of Purchase Order
CIF Nearest Seaport, Duty Paid
Machine Terms 30% With Purchase Order, 60% Prior to Shipping, Balance Net 30
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Electroweld industries is a leading manufacturer of resistance welding equipment, serving the industry for over 45 years. Our welding machines are designed to provide a production solution at an affordable price while ensuring reliability and low cost maintenance.

Applications: Upset butt welding of all profiles of wires and flats of iron, steel, alloy and carbon steel, copper, aluminium, brass and other light metals and their alloys. Carbon Steel and Bimetal Blades Butt Welding

Electroweld Hand Operated Rod Butt Welder 30KVA Model: RBW-30

Weldability - Mild Steel: 6mm-17mm, High Carbon Steel: 6mm-13mm, Copper: 6mm-10mm, Brass: 7mm-12mm, Aluminium: 8mm-12mm, Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades (width): 35mm-75mm, Bi-Metal BandSaw Blades (width): 30mm-45mm.

Users: Include wire strip and rod drawing mills, transformer motor and switch gear manufacturers, bandsaw and hacksaw blade users, small tool makers for welding mild steel shanks to alloy steel portion of taps, drills, bits, screw drivers, chisels, etc., hoop and ring manufacturers, wire forming industries, cable industries, automobile industries, air-conditioner and refrigerator makers, office equipment makers, etc.

Construction: The machines are constructed with a sturdy light alloy housing and designed as portable models mounted on a moveable stand fitted with four wheels. They are constructed for quick, easy and fool-proof operation, the welding process being automatic. Settings are simple, finely adjustable and reproducible for all variables. Uniform welds of high strength capable of withstanding subsequent drawing ensured.

Simple Settings:

1. ELECTRODE SPACING: Adjust lever on indexing plate.

2. WELDING CURRENT: Operate knob of the 8 step switch, current making and breaking is automatic via a built-in electromagnetic contactor.

3. UPSETTING PRESSURE: Micrometrically adjustable with pressure knob.

4. CURRENT ON / OFF: Micrometrically adjustable with simple thimble.

Welding Process:

1. Fix the above 4 simple settings, clamp the job end-to-end in the centre of the welding jaws.

2. Release gap stopper lever from teeth, press the push button and the welding then takes place automatically. Unclamp Job.

3. To anneal, put spacing lever to max. position. Clamp Job centrally in annealing clamps. Push the welding switch till annealing temperature is reached.

Design Features:

UPSET TRAVEL: Movable platen travel on parallel guides.

UPSET PRESSURE: Provided by a precision spring action on the movable platen and micrometrically adjustable with a knob. Setting is readable on a scale.

CLAMPS: Lever operated adjustable 'floating' steel clamps of precision quick acting design ensure firm preset clamping pressure. Release is quick and easy.

ELECTRODES: Special wear resistant copper alloy electrodes provided with precision 'V' grooves, permit rapid and accurate alignment of wires / blades.

WELDING CURRENT ADJUSTMENT: By means of a 8 step rotary switch from 50% to 100%.

ELECTRODE SPACING: Obtained with ease by a lever set against an indexing plate, adjusting in 10 steps.

WELD CURRENT INITIATION: By pressing welding / annealing push button after clamping the job to weld position simply starts the automatic welding cycle.

CURRENT CUT OFF: Adjustable over a wide range by means of micrometric thimble the setting of which is read on a graduated scale.

ANNEALING FACILITY: Annealing electrodes with screw type clamps provided for ease and quick annealing of the welded job ensuring a flexible zone at both ends of the weld.

PORTABILITY: The machine is mounted on a four wheeled trolley type stand for easy portability.

Electroweld Hand Operated Rod Butt Welder 30KVA Model: RBW-30

Weldability - Diameter - Mild Steel: 6mm-17mm, High Carbon Steel: 6mm-13mm, Copper: 6mm-10mm, Brass: 7mm-12mm, Aluminium: 8mm-12mm.

Weldability - Cross-Sectional Area - Mild Steel: 28-227 mm², High Carbon Steel: 28-133 mm², Copper: 28-79 mm², Brass: 38-113 mm², Aluminium: 50-113 mm².

Weldability - Welding Range- Mild Steel: 3 - 450 MCM, High Carbon Steel: 3 - 5/0 AWG, Copper: 3 - 3/0 AWG, Brass: 1 - 4/0 AWG, Aluminium: 1/0 - 4/0 AWG.

* Power Requirement is 220V AC 50/60Hz or 415V AC 50/60Hz(Price includes customization as per requirement before shipping)

**Butt Welders upto 30KVA can operate on either 2 Lines/Phases 220V (+10%/-10%) or 400V (+10%/-10%) 50/60Hz

***Butt Welders greater than 30KVA can only operate on 2 Lines/Phases 400V (+10%/-10%) 50/60Hz

****Additional set of spares and consumables can be quoted to be added to the shipment as required